We truly believe design creates value for business in terms of customer loyalty and competitive advantage,  it is not a decorative finality, it is a most effective strategic asset for us to win in the future.

IVT-Vision is a fast growing OEM/ODM manufacturer with in-house R&D and production facility

and more than 12 years experiences.

We provide second to none speed dome products OEM and ODM services:

- Customized UI, f/w and h/w features

- Robust design for your easier products’ rack- life-time management

- 3 years warranty and easy RMA procedure

Freedom of Products Choices Matters

Our customers deserves the freedom to say ‘’NO’’ to the giant players who are trying to reshape our industry And take it all, we devote ourselves to provide our customers free choices of speed dome products with rich features, reasonable cost level other than those you see everywhere with same outlook, paper spec and “amazing” prices backed by “Super power” production facility based in China.

If you have decided not to dance with them, then you are invited by IVT to join the game.

Relationship Matters


Same as building new business in a new market, building partnership with each other also consumes lots of time and energy of both parties, thus we treasure the tight relationship between our customer and ourselves, our team will do our best to drive our partnership to a higher lever year after year by exclusively product joint-design and development according to your local market’s needs, close communication and well-maintained personal relationship between our team and yours.

Design Matters


Our industry is rapidly changing, we all need to answer the question of fighting against the power of low cost products, our answer is to invest on human-centered design to provide our customer the competitive differentiation needed to maintain and gain market share.

Join us today,

and experience the power of a combination of

Korean-tech engine

Made-in-China Cost














Feb - Full range of new generation speed dome released
Mar - World first 96MP stitching camera released

Oct - Started outsourcing production from IR Lab
Dec - 10x, 20x, 30x IMX291 based and 36x IMX185 based zoom module development finished

Oct - World first 24MP Realtime 360° stitching camera released

Sep - Started co-developmem stitching camera with Huatu

May - Strategic partnership with Huatu
Aug - TI solution based H.264 speed dome released

Jan - First Full HD IR PTZ released

Jun - Started supplying full range speed dome to one Fortune 500 company as OEM

May - 10x 720P HD Mini PTZ released

Feb - ISO 9001 certified

Feb - Started full range of analogue speed dome mass production
Mar - Signed exclusive distribution contract with one leading distributor in UK

Nov - Co-founded by Dr. Alex Park and Stone Li


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